What’s so bad about carbs?

The Fat Revolution

In the 80’s Fats got a bad rap- there was much discussion about trans fat, cholesterol excess fat, hidden fats.  The adaption to this new found information resulted in a change in eating behaviour: cutting the fat off our steak, eating the crackling only on special occasions, taking the skin off the chicken, ceasing the deep frying everything and adding dollops of cream and butter to the vegetables.

Then came the  realization there was good and bad fats, vitamins A, D,,E & K are fat soluble and therefore require fat for absorption,  good fats- Low Density Lipo Proteins in fact assist lower cholesterol and  Omega 3 containing in fish oil and grain feed chicken eggs etc have great anti cancer benefits, heart health protection, cartilage regeneration and assist inflammation reduction in joints and tissues.

A healthy diet contains a range of good fat

s from  nuts, the occasional egg yolk,  oily fish, avocados, nut oils, olive oils and grape seed oil. Balancing portions and total calories withe the positive benefits.

Carbohydrates the New Villain on the Block

Carbohydrates have become the new enemy with numerous low carb diets and low carb products flooding the commercials on TV and our supermarket shelves.  Proponents of low or no carb eating often  proudly proclaiming that they don’t eat any carbs at all, but interestingly eat mountains of fruit = simple carbs, or ice cream and chocolate = very simple carbs.

What’s so bad about carbs? They are just as calorie dense and protein with one gram yielding 4 calories, carbs are the body’s first choice for energy, carbs assist in the production of  seratonin (your natural happy hormone).

It is not carbs that is the enemy but  carb choices, carb portions and carbs in isolation.



You Know it, Bread!!

For most of the population bread results in bloating sluggishness and ensures  digestive system traffic jam.

Bread is carb extender made for convenience, cheapness and fills out most meals- toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, bread roll on the side of dinner



Pasta is the Carb that keeps giving, awesome for endurance athletes as a meal the day before competition but not an every day staple for the averagely active.



Interesting Bits of Cardboard.

Other Carbs

Chocolate, lollies, cake, jams, honey etc are fun/ holiday/ party food and should be consumed occasionally.



(the stuff that looks close to how it came out of the ground and hasn’t passed over 50 conveyer belts to get to you)


Carbohydrate combining

Combining carbohydrates with  protein will reduce the insulin response and therefore the potential for fat storing


How much Carbohydrates?

Endurance Athletes 50-65% of calories from carbs

Weight Training Athletes/ Body Builder 20-40% of calories from carbs

General Population: 35-45% of calories from carbs

When to eat Carbohydrates?

Carbs are a buying viagra online fantastic energy source and therefore need to be consumed before activity ie. on rising and before sport.  Eating carbs at night and going to bed is an invitation to those carbs to go straight into fat storing.

In conclusion, don’t avoid carbs -make better carb choices