Starving yourself FAT!

Starving yourself FAT!

Why your diet is making you FAT?

We all know that if you eat more calories than you burn you will store the excess as body fat.  Meaning, intake is more than expenditure.  Therefore one would assume the opposite is true also – if calories in are less than expenditure fat loss will result.
Unfortunately this is not always the case as some very overweight people can eat far less calories than their skinny friends and still do not loose any weight.
Initial calorie deficits yield quick weight loss in the first few weeks, but soon they begin to slow and cease all together despite the deficit being maintained.  What is happening at this point is the body is moving into “THE Starvation Response” a very useful response which enables us to survive in extreme conditions of famine. live off our energy reserves and maintain  vital functions.  Very low calorie diets result in  the following:

Decreased Metabolism.

Severe calorie restriction can decrease the metabolism (rate of burning energy) of up to 45%.  If the body is not getting enough food it learns to make do. Loss of Muscle.  The majority of low calorie diets result in 40-50% weight loss  from muscle.  Many weight loss diets evaluate success solely on changes on the bathroom scales – knowing that only half the kilograms lost have come from fat may make you think again.  Certainly, you may now fit into a size 6  pair of skinny jeans but a lot of the wobbly bits are still there.  What is worse is that with less muscle  the  metabolism is even slower resulting in the need to eat less than before to maintain the same weight.

Increased Fat Storing.

Wonderful hormonal changes result in increased activity of fat storing enzymes and decreasing thyroid hormone.

Increased Appetite.

Psychologically we respond to deprivation with increased cravings and food obsession.

Decreased Energy.

Simply, without the fuel to get through your average day where will  the energy to exercise come from?

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