Fat in the Holiday Obese in the New Year- How to stay on track this Christmas.

Here are some simple calculations: if the average person to loose weight needs to be in calorie deficit approximately 500 calories per day to loose 1/2 kilogram per week, the average person to gain 1/2 kilogram per week needs to be in https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-generique/ surplus 500 calories per day. Sounds a lot of calories?

Here is what 500 calorie surplus looks like in food and being sedentary:
1. 3 Glasses of Wine
2. A bowl of Big Boy Fat Chips with Garlic Aoli
3. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
4. Skipping your 10 km run
5. Missing your funciona el viagra en mujeres Spin class
6. Sleeping in past your Gym Session
7. A Big Breakfast- sausages, houlumi, potato fritter, scrambled eggs, on Sour Dough
8. An Extra Serve of Christmas Dinner
9. Spending all day sitting about at the beach reading rather than your usual day up on your feet.
10. Dessert every night- after all it is the holidays!

Looking at these simple calculations it is not believe why all that weight is gained over the holidays. https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-du-viagra/ Many of you (if you choose to admit it) will do 2- 3 of the above cialis generique in a day putting you into 1500 calorie surpus per day, a 3 kilo weight gain over the average holiday.

Why are you still not getting to the Gym?

Your gym may simply not want you to go.

One of the biggest reasons you may not be getting to the gym is your gym simply doesn’t want you to be there. In fact for many gyms this is part of their business model. Some of the franchise gyms calculate and bank viagra pas cher on 50% of members never coming. It would simply be too crowded. This is how they can keep memberships so cheap. You never felt

Maybe your gym does not want you to go.
Maybe your gym does not want you to go.

so wanted and special as the day you signed up but since then you get the feeling your gym has lost all interest in you.

I you are wondering if your gym is hoping you will never come back ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do the staff know your name, does someone greet you by name on arrival?
2. Does your gym have a facebook page profiling members and their achievements and informing of upcoming events and promotions?
3. Is there someone on the gym floor to ask for assistance?
4. Does your gym run open days not only to generate new members but to offer fun activities and free seminars to current members?
5. Does your gym have a newsletter detailing useful exercise and nutritional information?
6. Does your gym call or email you, when you have not been in for a while?
7. Does your gym make you feel like a valued member of their community?
8. Can your gym boast that they still retain many of their original members from their first years of opening?

Choose your gym wisely, cheap is not necessarily the best if you never go. Find a gym that makes you excited to attend, with trainers and reception staff who have years of industry experience and who are passionate.